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Before you start draw out on a piece of paper a square using a green pen. Now using a red pen draw a circle inside the square.
Fold the paper up and leave it in plain view of your group.
Draw everybodyís attention to this paper.

Now say the following.
"I am thinking of a shape and I would like you to do the same.
I am thinking of a geometric shape, itís a very simple one, nothing as complicated like a dodecahedron. Now draw that shape.
Now draw a new shape so you have this new shape inside the one you have already drawn.
Now make them different colours."

Get every body to show the final image they have created, ask for a volunteer to open the paper you have previously drawn out and show the rest of the group.

80% of the group will have drawn the same image you created and you will have 100% attention.

No magic or mind trick, sorry

Anthony Elgey
United Kingdom
[email protected]

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