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Call my Bluff

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Tell the group that they will know 1 thing more about every person in the room at the end of this exercise!!

Ask them to individually to write down 2 things about themselves that the other in the group will not know about them - 1 true & 1 false.
You have these pre-pepared for yourself.

I am a twin
I can speak Spanish

Once everyone has done.
Starting with yourself (trainer) tell your truth and lie.
The next person then speaks their truth and lie then has to guess the lie or the previous person. You continue around the room in this manner.

As the trainer you can either guess the lie of the last person in the group or open it up to the group to guess the lie.

I have used this many times to great effect and remains one of my favorites.

Anthony Elgey
United Kingdom
[email protected]

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