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This vocabulary review game is a combination of Taboo, Password, and Charades. The teacher prepares slips of paper with one vocabulary word per piece. The number of vocabulary words depends on the time available for playing, but there should be at least one word for every student. The class is divided into two equal teams.
The class should be divided into two equal teams. One person from Team A randomly draws a vocabulary word. The student then has 30 seconds to make the other members of Team A guess the vocabulary word. Synonyms, antonyms, definitions, body movemetns, or any other form of communication can be used to lead the team to guessing the vocabulary word. The only rule is not to say the word or use any spelling. If after 30 seconds Team A does not guess correctly, Team B collaborates and makes one guess.
The team that guesses correctly earns one point. If no correct answers are given, a player from Team B selects a word and the process is repeated.
I've played this game in my adult intermediate class and they love it. The choice of vocabulary words makes this game adaptable to any level and any age group. Have fun!!

Leslie Quarnaccio
Fort Collins, CO

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