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World Cup (soccer) 2002!!

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True to its name, this game’s context is the FIFA World Cup of 2002. I just created this game yesterday for my intermediate students here in Mexico who are suffering from severe end-of-school-year burn out and soccer frenzy. It is designed for 2 to 12 players; 6 players (3 on each team) is ideal. This game, as it is, is ideal for intermediate students in Mexico during this time (before July 1st, 2002), however, it can can easily be adapted in many ways. For example, if it is played during the World Cup, it does not have to be in Mexico, but can be used anywhere in the world where the students are big fans of soccer. The use of the “soccer field” as a way to compete in classroom games may be utilized at any time and with students of any level.

In the following instructions, I will refer to these 3 different contexts as:
Version A: the original, which is to be used in Mexico during the World Cup
Version B: is to be used anywhere in the world during the World Cup
Version C: is to be used anywhere and at anytime

Materials A B C
Make a soccer field game board. An inexpensive suggestion: use a green poster board and draw the lines using a white marker (or White Out). On the game board, lightly draw 4 lines (like yard lines in football) in each direction from the center and parallel to the goals. x x x
Find or make a suitable soccer ball that won’t roll off of the board (Ferro Rocher chocolates work well). x x x
Make your questions on individual note cards or small pieces of paper (or use the ones I made below). x x x
World Map x -- --
Post cards x -- --
World Cup score cards (many businesses in Mexico give them out as free gifts to promote their company) x -- --

1. Pick teams and make names for each. If there is an odd number of students, pick the one with the least amount of knowledge (if you are doing version A) about soccer to be the referee. If not, the teacher can be the referee. Once again, this game is ideal for 6 players, and would be exceedingly difficult to play with more than 12. Have the teams gather around their respective sides of the board.
2. Put the ball in the middle of the field to start. The referee will ask one question at a time. The student who raises his/her hand first gets to answer. If answered correctly, advance the ball one line towards the goal. If this team answers 5 questions correctly (starting from the center), they get a goal. If the teams are made fairly, it should be very difficult to get a goal, and the ball will keep going back and forth (much like the actual game!). Once a team has gotten a goal, record it and move the ball back to the center.
3. If a student speaks in his/her native language instead of English, it is considered a penalty and their team may not answer that question or the next.
4. If a student is being a bad sport (making fun of other students, not trying to speak English at all), that student will be injured and will have to sit out for 5 questions and his/her team will not be allowed to respond to the next two questions.
5. The game ends at the end of class.

The Questions:
These questions were made on Tuesday, June 5th, so they will need to be updated. There are several types of questions: World Cup Trivia, Geography, Finding Info on the Score Card (times, dates, nationalities), etc. Before we began the game, I not only explained the rules, but I also reviewed some key vocab that they would need in order to answer the questions (to win, to lose, to tie, to beat, how to say dates and times, score, etc). I used the post cards at the end of the game. I showed them the picture (covering up the name) and they had to say which country these places were in (I had Costa Rica, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, USA, China, Spain and Mexico).
* Note: Since I am not a big fan of soccer, I relied on some local fan(atic)s to help me make and answer the questions. Please write me if you find any errors or have any comments: laracello ©
A. Trivia
· What is the name of the coach who has brought the most selections to the World Cup? Bora Minutinovich (Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Nigeria, China)
· Who scored for Mexico on June 4th? Cuautemoc Blanco
· Who is the star on France’s team? Zinedine Zidane
· Who is # 10 on Argentina’s team? Ariel Ortega
· What is the official name of the ball for the World Cup? Federnova
· Did England beat Switzerland? No
· What was the score of the Mexico-Croatia game? Mexico 1, Croatia 0
· Who is Germany’s coach? Rudy Völler (spelling?)
· Name two players for Mexico. C. Blanco, Rafa Marquez, Palencia, “Conejo” Perez, Luis Hernandez, Carmona, Torrado, Grarcia Aspe, Arellano...
· Who won the game between France and Senegal? Senegal
· Did Uruguay: a. beat Denmark, b. lose to Denmark, c. tie Denmark (b)
· What was the score for the Germany-Saudi Arabia game? Germany 8, SA 0
· Of the following two games, which resulted in a tie? a. Paraguay-South Africa, b. Spain-Slovenia (a)
· Did China beat Costa Rica? No
· How many World Cups has Argentina won? 2
· Who is the “Wonder Child” and for what selection does he play? Michael Owen- for England. (is that really his nickname?)

B. Reading the Score Cards
· How many divisions are there? 8
· Who played on May 31st? France and Senegal
· Spell the names of the two teams who play each other on June 11th at 8:30 pm. (Cameroon and Germany)
· Who’s playing on June 8th at 3:30pm? South Africa and Slovenia
· On which two days are the Semi-finals? June 25th and June 26th
· What is the time and date for the final game? June 30th at 8pm
· Who’s playing on June 12th at 3:30pm? Switzerland Vs Argentina, and Nigeria Vs England
· How many teams are there in each division? 6
· Who’s playing on June 8th at 6pm? Italy and Croatia
· Who’s playing on June 11th at 3:30pm? Senegal Vs Uruguay and Denmark Vs France
· Who’s playing on June 10th against Ireland? Saudi Arabia
· Who did the USA beat on the 5th? Portugal
· What time is the game between Russia and Tunisia? 3:30pm

C. Geography
· Find __________ on the map
(France, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Switzerland, Tunisia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Costa Rica, China, S. Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Uruguay, Ireland, USA, Mexico… etc)

D. Other
· How many hours difference is there between Mexico and Korea? 14
· What time is it right now in Korea?
· Spell “Korea”
· Etc

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have played this game with your class. I would any input to see what worked and what might not have. Also, please feel free to send me any corrections (I typed this out very quickly), comments, suggestions, or what have you.

Have fun!

Lara Wallace
Puebla, Mexico
laracello ©

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