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I believe that the Hangman Game needs some variations,personally I don't like teaching my really young students how to hang a man. Also the variant with the shark seemed as a terrifying idea to me.
I was inspired from somewhere else to varify the game with a crocodile which can easily be drawn on the board with a big "V" letter and some sharp teeth in it. Draw ten little arrows directed into the crocodile's mouth(not to shoot the animal,of course) to write the letters which the students think that they are a part of that mysterious word-But actually not in it) and draw as many blanks as the word requires under the crocodile to write the correctly gueesed letters to complete the hidden word.The aim of the game is for students to find the word before the crocidile eats it.When there is a letter on every arrow,it means that the crocodile ate your letters and won the game.If you find the word before it is eaten, you save the letter and win.
Also while playing this game ,you may divide the class into two groups as the Crocodiles and the Word Hunters and choose the weaker students from each group to draw the arrows and write the letters on the board to encourage them and make them feel that they can achieve something during your English lesson.
I try this game whenever I have time at the end of a lesson as a revision of the vocabulary they have learnt and a good study for spelling, and my students like it a lot. They even play the game during some of their lunchtimes with their friends who finish early.
Just take 5 or 10 minutes and try it,it works.


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