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28 Golden Rules of Being a Good Teacher

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The 28 Golden Rules of Being a Good Teacher.

The 28 Golden Rules of Being a Good Teacher.
By: Salha Salim Jeizan, Al Faisaliah Girls’ Schools
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
E-mail: [email protected]

Having worked as a teacher and now the supervisor of the Kindergarten and Elementary Sections of the Al Faisaliah Girls Schools, in my opinion there are 28 golden rules for being a good teacher.

1. Respect yourself and your colleagues.
2. Respect students and parents.
3. Respect rules and regulations.
4. Respect opinion of others.
5. Accept advice and work on it.
6. Accept students for what they are.
7. Accept colleagues as equals.
8. Accept your responsibilities and carry them through.
9. Accept diversity in your students and learn from them.
10. Be prepared to improve yourself in your subject.
11. Be prepared to be a life long learner.
12. Be prepared to carry our your responsibility.
13. Be prepared to share and cooperate
14. Be prepared to inform and be informed.
15. Be prepared to give constructive feed back.
16. Be compassionate to your students and colleagues.
17. Be sincere with yourself and others.
18. Be sociable with the students and colleagues.
19. Be encouraging at all times.
20. Be courteous at all times.
21. Be generous with your praises.
22. Be imaginative with your students.
23. Be creative in all your work.
24. Be innovative in your classroom.
25. Know that you have responsibility towards student, parents, and
26. Know that you are accountable for all that you say and do.
27. Know that you are part of a team.
28. Know that you are special.

I work as the supervisor of English teachers at Al Faisaliah Girls' Schools. I am currently the President of The Eastern Province Reading Council. I have presented at The Arabian Reading Association (TARA)conferences in Bahrain. I give workshops to teachers in government schools.

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