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Painting a Picture...Photo Descriptions

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I teach a class of upper intermediate adult students and they really got excited about this activity. Divide the class into groups of 3 to 5 students. Give each group a different photograph.. I have brought many photographs of home and other travel experineces with me so I tried to give each group a really different photo. Each group has about ten minutes to talk about the photograph and pick out all the interesting things about it. Then each group goes to the front of the classroom and describes their photo without showing it to the rest of the class. They must describe everything they can, landscape and peoples appearence (clothing, hair, what they are doing) so that the students listening imagine what the photographs actaully look like. After they finish describing they show the photograph and see if what the listeners imagined is similar to the description.

Sarah Tate
Hunan Normal University
Changsha City, Hunan P.R. China

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