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Run them Ragged Hide and Seek

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I use this game to tire out my toddlers before sitting them down for question time (also works for older kids). First I practice the vocabulary they need by using Total Physical Response. I shout out, "Touch the table!" or "Touch the floor(/window/door/your friend, etc)!" Then we spend a few minutes running everywhere and practicing. Then the game starts. I yell a command, lean up against wall covering my eyes, count out loud to three and then try to catch as many students as possible who haven't correctly carried out my instruction. Whoever I catch is out and has to sit down while I proceed with the game until the last student is standing. The last student then gets a sticker. By the time we start circle question time, everyone of them is happy to sit down and I find that they pay better attention after that.
Darcy, Aichi-ken, Japan

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