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To Tell The Truth

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THis great questioning game is based on the 1960's TV show. First you ask all the students to write down some secret about themselves on a slip of paper--someplace they have visited, hidden talent, secret skill, or unknown accomplishment. It must not be know by anyone in the class. They must write their name on the paper. Read them and pick a good one. Call that student and two others out of the classroom and explain to all three that they are to tell the class that they are the person who the secret is about. They then sit in front of the class while the student question them to determine which two are lying and which on is telling the truth. After 5-10 minutes of questioning, the students vote on who is the real truth teller. You can award points to the students who guess correctly. My 7th and 8th graders love this game-it has an element of mystery develops questioning and thinking skills, and allows the students to learn new things about each other while having a laugh!

Chris Murphy
Yew Chung SIS

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