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To begin, create a Jeopardy-esque boards on the white board in the class…I hope you’re not using chalk still? I still have peeling palms from using chalk…I think…note to self, call cable company and cancel subscription to HBO 2.
In the wake of that digression, please allow me to resume. Make the board with five columms across and five down, so that the value written on each square running South ranges from 100$ to $500 at 100$ intervals.
So you must prepare some cards that correspond to the dollar value. On these cards are words that you have written. The student who chooses “column A for 300$ please” must stand and spell the word which you call out…words that are challenging that atleast someone will know are best, but some should be new advanced vocabulary. After spelling being her way through that she (or he) should proceed to offer a decent dictionary definition, an example of usage, and a similar expression before claiming the prize. For example,

A verb which means to contruct something from the ground upward.
Hyundai contruction sure erect wonderful builidings. A similar expression is “put up”.

Have a dictionary close at hand because those who cannot successfully complete their task has to look the word up and come to the whiteboard giving us a lesson on that word for a minute, and the other team gets a $200 bonus. These bonuses separate the winners and the losers, but everyone learns the vocabulary and has a good time. The losers should give a thousand won to the winners…or whatever your currency of choice is…roughly a dollar US.

In sum, the goal is to teach spelling, listening, pronunciation, and usage while building a students vocabulary…and it’s a game! What’s up with that?

Good luck.

P.S. This is for high-intermediate university students and above.

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