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The B4 paper game

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a really versatile way to review stuff before exams, and also to just have some fun! you need a pile of scrap paper (B4 is best) with one side still usable, 4 coloured markers and one red one for you, and 4 magnets. put the 4 magnets in a line on the board, and tell each team which magnet to use.

split the students into 4 teams, with each team sitting together. each team has a pile of paper and a pen. the designated writer should change each time. basically you give them tasks, they work together, produce something on their paper and run to stick it on the board as fast as they can. fastest team gets 2 bonus points and all teams' final efforts are marked out of ten, with points getting taken off for mistakes. while teams are still working, paper on the board should be flipped round to prevent copying!

my tasks include things like:

"how do you say in English...": (say a sentence in japanese)

"how do you say in Japanese..." (other way round

"please draw..."(e.g. an old lady wearing a kimono, driving a convertible, drinking coffee out of a can, in Paris!"

...or you can just say stuff like "name 5 European countries" and make the tasks random.

it's great fun and really gets them moving.

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