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Most Versatile Ball Game Ever

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This is the easiest game to both teach and play. I was surprised to find how quickly my students became addicted to it.
All you need is a ball.
Students sit in their chairs as usual. They must say something before they are allowed to throw the ball... such as repeat vocabulary, spell a word, say a sentence pattern, a number... etc. The goal of the game is to make all the other students 'out'. (when you are out you must stand on your chair) The student throwing the ball must throw a catchable ball or they are out themselves. So basically, if they both throw well and catch well they will win the game.
I've found my students of all levels love the challenge of this game. You can keep it fun for the students who are 'out' by having them bet/vote on who the final winner will be. The classroom becomes a very exciting place with the students rooting for their player. Good luck with it!
Remember: a fun classroom is a place where kids want to be.
Victoria Malone
[email protected]
Taipei Taiwan

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