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Anatomical Aliens

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Body Parts for Beginners.

I found that this worked well with a class of adult beginners and think it would work equally well with teenagers/children.

1. The subject was introduced by eliciting film genres, focusing of science-fiction and introducing the concept of aliens from outer-space. 2. The students then watched a scene from Star Wars and were asked to describe one of the aliens they had seen. This enabled them to revise body part vocabulary, simple adjectives - long, short etc. and colours 3. Students were then paired and given a picture of 6 aliens (Pod Racers in this case!) they then took it in turns to describe or guess an alien e.g. it has four arms and a long neck. 5. The students were then set the task of drawing an alien themselves, taking it in turns to draw the head and neck, shoulders, arms and body, legs and finally feet and folding the paper in between. 6. Finally, the students were asked to write a short physical description of their alien. They were also asked to give it a name and say whether it was friendly or unfriendly.

The results were fantastic, so if Mr Lucas is looking for characters for further prequels.......

Doncaster, UK.

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