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Coke-a-Cola Chicken Wings!

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I am an ESL teacher I and I've just got to share a recipie that has recently become the RAGE here on campus in Dalian China! As a North American I must say that I am big on chicken wings at the pubs and what not - but this variation is one that I am going to keep forever!

It's as simple as it sounds folks, and makes for a splendid opportunity to get to know your students a little bit better. You only need 1 can of Coke for every 14 chicken wings you buy. Boil them in water for about 5 or so minutes, then remove them and place them into a well oiled wok style pan for frying. Continue to do so until they are light golden brown.

At this point you simply pour in a can of Coke (plus a little salt) and continue frying with the heat turned up until there is almost no liquid left! Adding a little soy sauce brings out a nice color, and a bit of ginger is good for taste. But really, its all about having some fun!

Based upon what I have seen so far, I think this recipe would be popular in just about every university in China or even the world. So spread the word!!!

Shane Milan Zembiak
Dalian, China.

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