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"What would you say if.....?"

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You can adjust this activity depending on the speaking abilities of your students. The activity allows the students to use the vocabulary that they may not have a chance to use otherwise. You should stress to the students that they need to be CREATIVE with their answers.

On the blackboard/whiteboard write: "What would you say if...."

On pieces of paper/index cards write some funny, crazy, and zanny situations such went to the washroom and saw two teachers kissing, your father came home with blue hair, you just won 1 million USDollars, you arrived at school only wearing your underwear,etc....

The crazier, funnier, and wierder the situation is the better!

Place the situations in a bag/hat then, the teacher starts by pulling out one situation and calling on a student asking, "What would you do if...(then state the situation you pulled out of the bag/hat)" The student answers then pulls out a situation and asks another student the question: "What would you do if..."

This continues onwards you can even use the same situation many times over as long as you stress that the students must give different answers to the situation.

Laura Beth Barnes
Shenzhen, China
[email protected]

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