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Puzzled about Verbs

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This works good with all levels and sizes of classes, from Business English to Primary Students. The purpose of this lesson is to challenge various ability levels to learn and/or review their verb tenses.

*Purchase children's puzzles. The type of chldren puzzles that come with a base and frame so, the puzzle can be assumbled on the inside of the frame and on the base. The amount of pieces you purchase depends on the level and ability of your class.
*Turn over the puzzle to the backside where there is no picture.
*Then in the puzzle cut outs, where the puzzle is joined together with another piece, with a dark pen or marker write an irregular verb (EXAMPLE: one piece you write "ride" and the adjoining piece you write "rode")
*Where each piece is connected with another piece you can write a verb. So, one piece may have written on it "ride" "was" "were" "put" and then on about four other pieces, the words need to be matched it's partnering verb.

**WARNINGS: (i)This can only be done among to two verb tenses, but if you think of away to include all three please inform me!
(ii)You can paint over the picture side with dark paint, but if you do then it makes checking to see if you have all the pieces of the puzzle a hassle for you- The Teacher!
(iii)If you choose not to paint the picture then, you have to monitor the students to make sure that they do not use it as a cheat device. When I caught my students doing this I would disassemble the puzzle and mix up the pieces then, they had to do it all over again. Which allows for more practice and learning!
(iv)Keeping the pieces with the right puzzle can be difficult so, to solve this use a differnt marker/pen color for each one you make. It makes it color coded!

Laura Beth Barnes
[email protected]
Shenzhen, Guangdong People's Republic of China

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