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Vocabulary Baseball

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This is a game that one of my JETs taught me. It`s a great way to practice vocabulary. The rules are the same as baseball....around the bases to score....three outs per team. Split the class into 2 teams. This game is best played in a team teaching class, but if needed a student can help run the game. The teacher goes to the back of the class where the students can`t see him/her. One student from each team comes to the front of the class. They are the only ones who can see the teacher at the back. If any of the students at their desks turn around, it is an automatic out! The teacher then holds up a vocabulary my case, with the Japanese showing. The two students must then shout the word in English. Their team members must then shout the word back to them in English. The loudest and fastest team gets the word. If they winning team is batting, they move to the next base. If their opponent is, then the oppenent gets an out....just like baseball. You can play as many innings as desires. At first students are timid. If both teams are too quiet, pretend you didn`t hear....force them to shout the answer to get the word. At the front of the room, the team teacher or volunteer student will act as judge. Also, they will keep track of bases and outs.

Have fun!

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