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The game Shongololo Shivers reminded me of a game I invented to keep my students interested in their reading here in Bangkok. The text was a beginner's level story about several kids who went to the zoo, and their experiences there, the animals they saw etc.
This game works best with small groups, since the texts usually have stories with small numbers of kids doing various things but it can be expanded by changing the numbers halfway through the text, etc.

First, I assigned my students numbers, at random. DO NOT TELL THEM THEIR NUMBERS YET! (This keeps the element of surprise.)
Next, students picked a section of the story, and assigned numbers every time they saw a name in the story, one of the text characters who was doing or saying something.
Then, AFTER they had numbered the names, I announced who was what number. Each time a name came up in the text, the students were to substitute the student in the class who was that number for the kid in the text.The students then read the story again, and interjected their own names into the action. It keeps it more interesting than just reading about "other" kids doing something. This also works with almost any text or grammar instruction book. David S./Bangkok ECC

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