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Clear some space and get ready for some fast-moving fun! My beginning-low adult class had such a great time with this vocab/word recognition review activity that it's become a "fast" favorite. Prior to class, list words for review on a large piece of shelf paper and tape to a wall. Divide the class into four teams, have them line up so that they face the word wall, and supply each team with a fly swatter (new, of course!). Tell them that you will say one of the words and the first person on each team should run up to the list and give the word a BIG swat when they find it. Every person up at the wall should HEFTILY swat the word before they head back to the line. Even my new students who entered the prior week participated wholeheartedly, I think because they were able to follow the lead of the others and not feel noticably "left behind." Do it, tweak it, and you'll love it!

Orange, California

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