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I have found that with younger children that if you give them incentive to learn that goes a lot farther than games. Plus that saves your repetuar and you don't need to keep finding new ones to keep their interest level. If you give them reason to keep learning in a positive learning environment they will want to continue to do so. For every reading class I had about 80% not want to speak out for about the first semester until I had everyone in the classroom clap after each reading. I have 100% of my students reading and wanting to do so. It didn't matter how much the child struggled through the reading if they felt like the other kids responded to it they would want to do it again. During every class I will give high fives, great jobs, etc. These little things stimulate their interest in English because they see the successes that they have made no matter how small. I have expressed this to some of my colligues and they all have had success with this. Good luck.

Taipei, Taiwan

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