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Too many pigs, Not enough Wolves

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I teach in China, Guangzhou currently. I came up with this game while working with adults who were conversational, about a level 5-6, BUT I have used it well at lower levels too.

I made up some simple drawings and made multiple photocopies, then cut them out. The images are as follows [come up with anything equally crazy!]each image is only about 2X2 inches big:

picture 1--two wolf heads
picture 2--four pig heads
picture 3--three pistols [or knives, or grenades,etc]
picture 4--two pairs of shoes
picture 5--three glasses of wine [or milk and so on]
picture 6--four cigars [or pipes or soap bubble wands, etc]
picture 7--two icecream cones
picture 8--2 sport balls [maybe one baseball and one soccer ball]

and so on. Hand out various numbers of these to each class member [I usually had 10-15 students, so I would give out around 6-8 "cards" to each, some repeated [two of the icecream cone cards, two wolf head cards, 2 wine cards, maybe 3 "gun cards" and so on].

Then I told them to make up sentences, or a story using ALL of the image cards they had, using "TOO MUCH" "TOO MANY" "NOT ENOUGH" "ENOUGH" and so on.
The stories would be amazing to say the least! Some students simply wrote "There were too many glasses of wine for the pigs to drink..." while others might write a great story.

They really enjoyed reading them out loud too!

Michael Lovett
[email protected]

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