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Fun with Dr. Suess and Prepositions

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I have used the story Hop On Pop by Dr. Suess to teach prepositions of place. I purchased a Hop On Pop video. The video narrates the story. The written text and illustrations are shown as the story is read. I wrote out the words to the story, deleting all the prepositions of place. I had the students fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition as they watched the video. The video is short so it can be played more than once without taking up to much time. We then took the answers up as a class. I used this lesson with an adult intermediate class. I explained that it was a popular children's story in North America and that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. The students had fun with the video and some were interested in reading more by Dr. Suess. The illustartions in the video help to reinforce the meaning and usage of the prepositions.

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