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Bingo Twist

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I think most people know the game bingo, and I am sure that there is a recipe for word bingo here. Just in case there is not I will quickly run through it. Each student gets a bingo grid 4x4 squares. I write about 20 words on the board and ask them to choose 16 words and put one word in each square. As I call the words out the cross them off in order to make 4 in a row across, down or diagnal. Ok so my Bingo with a twist is to use opposite words. I use this game after teaching about opposites to reinforce the ideas. So for example they write hot, fast, easy etc but I call out cold, slow, difficult etc. I have found it works well as they think about it more than they otherwise would and they find it more challenging than ordinary bingo. I played this with Junior 2 (age 12-14) and it worked very well!

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