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Use a thick marker to prepare a page that has fourteen big squares on it. The squares should be arranged like this.
Make several photocopies of the page, depending on how many times you want to play, how many stds you have, etc.

Demonstrate on board by drawing grid as it appears on the page. Write A in the left hand squares. Then ask stds to give you a two letter word starting with A, a three letter word, etc. Write the letters in the squares, like this.

Divide stds into teams of 3 or 4. Give each team a page. Tell them the new starting letter. When teams have finished writing, score on the board. 1 point if they have the same word as another team, 2 points if no other team has their word. I generally do four or five different starting letters for a 10 min game.

For an easier version, do 3 and 4 letter words only; for more advanced stds, add 6 and 7 letters.

* Do not allow stds to use their textbooks or they will look in the index/dictionary thing at the back to cheat!
* Make sure you don't choose any letters that can't form two letter words! (here's a list your stds should know; an, be, do, go, hi, me, no, on, so, to, up, we.)
Have fun!

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