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I have found a good way of ongoing assessment through a Course is to give each participant a Course Development Journal for completion at the end of each session. They then hand this in to the Tutor/Teacher at the beginning of the next session. You can read through it, note comments, and then return it. Have headings like 'What did you do and learn in this session/Unit? (including about yourself, your skills or interests) 'What are the most useful ideas/activities that you can adapt or apply to your role/position? 'What problems or difficulties did you have' (this is a good way for the Tutor to monitor individual problems a participant may experience) 'What progress have you made since the last session/unit? 'What progress would you like to make in the next session/unit?' - I have found this format useful because it not only helps the Tutor/Teacher but also the participants to monitor their own progress. If you run say a 24 hour Business English Course (of 2 hour blocks) then the students will have completed 12 Course Development Journals by the end of the Course - it also helps with evaluation.

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