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Go crazy with colors and monsters

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I have found this to be an easy lesson plan to fall back on that works best with kids. I use this during my elementary visits and it works great. There are to main points. Introducing colors and body parts. This lesson assumes that students know numbers up to 10.

1. Introduce some basic colors - I have six sheets of colored paper that I hang on the board with the color written on it. Once the students know them you play a short warm-up game.

2. Have all the students stand-up and you call out a color. The students must then find something in the class of that color and touch it. Be careful if you are wearing a blue shirt and then call blue, you will be mobbed by children.

3. Next, introduce some body parts and review.

4. Last, have the students use paper and colored pencils or markers to draw a monster that you describe. Use easy descriptions like "It has two blue heads. "It has 5 green eyes" "It has seven yellow legs" It is interesting to see what they come up with and it seems to keep most students occupied. Good luck

Ryan LaRosa
OSET Program
Ageo, Japan
[email protected]

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