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colour relay race

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this is a fun game i've been using to get my kids spelling colours. its a word scramble and relay race in one. What you paper, pencil crayons or felt pens and a couple of envelopes. with the red pen write the letter R, E and D on little squares of paper. use a blue pen to write B, L, U,and E. do the same for as many colours as you want. make at least two sets and keep them in seperate envelopes. How To Play...devide the class up into teams. give each team an envelope. on GO the team dumps the envelope on the table and must sort the letters into their colours and spell them out as fast as they can. when they are finished, they have to write them up on the board. the first team to finish, wins.
i'm going to try variations using months of the year, sports, hobbies, foods, ect. anyway, try it. tell me what you think.
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