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Wacky Drawings

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This activity is great if you are short on prep time or need a filler activity.

I have a stack of crazy pictures that I drew and use as a listening and speaking exercise. I teach an advanced class so the drawings are detailed. Vocabulary includes horizontal, vertical, intersection, squiggly, wavy, zigzag, dot, etc… I also use comparisons such as: it looks like a backwards “3”, it looks like an upside down “P”. The students may ask questions as I describe the image. For example: Draw a square. In the center of the square, draw a horizontal line. A student may ask, “Does the line touch the square?” After I describe the last detail, the students compare their drawings to mine. The drawings are fun. They are quick and easy for the teacher to draw and often more creative looking when you are in a rush. The students love the interaction. I have used a simpler version with lower level students who need practice with directions like: to the left of the triangle, to the right of the letter "E".

Deb Gylund-Shover
Fox Valley Technical College
Appleton, Wisconsin
[email protected]

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