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There is a show in Japan called "dochi". The two hosts of the show decide upon a dish for their expert chefs to prepare. The guests (usually celebrities) wait while mouth watering food is prepaired before their eyes. When the dishes are finished the guests (a panel of 8) decide which dish of the two looks more appetizing. The members who vote in the majority get to eat the delicious dish they chose and the minority loses and has to watch the others eat.

I thought that this may be a good format for a class. Unfortnately we do not have the facilities to actually cook in my class room. So the idea is to have the students write descriptions of their featured dish. We will then select 2 dishes from the class and have the other members choose which one... based upon the descriptions.

That is the recipe, I hope you choose well. :)
Eric Callahan, Toyama, Japan.

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