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Which Job?

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I can't claim this idea as my own, but it worked well when I tried it with a small class.

Ask each student to write down what they think would be the ideal job for every other student in the group (it helps if the group know each other fairly well) Once they have done this invite one student to the front and explain that they have hired a group of consultants (the other students) to advise them on their future career.

Each consultant (student) takes it in turn to tell the student at the front which job they think would suit them and why. (This can be serious or humourous) At the end the student at the front can comment on the suggestions and maybe choose a favourite.

Another student is then invited to the front and the consultants begin again.

My students seemed to quite enjoy discussing this topic, alternatives can easily be used such as 'Which present?' although I found 'job' to work better.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed here - a real help!

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