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Relative Clauses for curious friends from abroad

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This is an activity which have been using for a long time now...and it really works at the production stage of the lesson...

The teacher talks about a friend of hers who came from another country.Since she is a foreigner she keeps asking questions about the things she sees at the market or food names that she hears of.The teacher tells the students that it may be tiring sometimes and asks for help...She then gives each pair a card with an authentic meal, object,place etc on it and tells them to define that object for her.
For example. "Salep,is a drink that is made of milk and drunk only in winter in Turkey."

The students like this activity since its challenging, authentic and fun.Its worth to try ,just to see how hard they try and how amused they are by the idea of becoming tourist guides.

*You can also ask the pairs to define the word on their cards without mentioning the name of it,so that the rest of the class can guess as they read it aloud at the end...

Hope you'll like it:))

Yasemin cengiz
Hacettepe University,Turkiye
[email protected]

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