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To teach my 5th and 6th graders some adjectives and comparatives I use animals.
First we brainstorm animals and their main quality: as big as a elephant. I get to explain then each child choses an animal and an adjective and we make posters they draw a picture and write their sentence: as soft as a lamb, busy as a bee..... we then take time to put them all on the walls and admire our work and say all the sentences. ( we can then get into discussions about if a spider is really ugly or a snake really long or....)Then I expain comparatives using our posters as examples an elephant is bigger than a mouse or a butterfly is more beautiful than a worm....and we play a game I chose an animal and they have to guess by just using comparatives Is it bigger than a dog? Is it as small as a mouse? then in 2 teams: one team guesses then the other.This is a very simple idea but the kids love to draw and have their pictures on the wall for all to see!
By the way the posters impress the other classes and they read them all!
Kathleen O'Hare
Sherbrooke quebec

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