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"Botticelli" in the classroom....fits many levels

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Okay...Sort of like 20 questions....If you are the student in the hot seat, you choose a vocabulary word, and you must provide the first letter only. Then, other students will ask you typical YES or NO questions, but you have to imagine what they were thinking when they asked the question. For example, say you were thinking of "Medicine Cabinet" and someone askes you, is it sticky? Then you respond, "No its not masking tape." You can make up specified rules, like if the person in stumped they simply respond YES or NO....and then they lose a point...You decide. The game can also be used to review famous people in history, and then you would provide the first letter of the last name, for example. By the by...I stole this from a wonderful book called PARLOR GAMES: 50 games for low tech highbrows. Books like this are always helpfu to me.....not all 50 are classroom adaptable, but several are.

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