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Which law is real?! EXCELLENT group game!

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LEVEL: Intermediate or Advanced
Print off a list of strange laws that are actually real, such lists can be found in many places on the internet (i.e. ..This list is quite small, larger ones are also avaliable), Divide your students into groups and have them write 3 fake laws on paper. Collect the "fake" laws.... then read one of the laws in front of the class you may read one of the real laws or one of the fake laws, then ask the groups to vote if they think the law is real or fake, if they are right they get a point, if they are wrong they lose a point....if you read a fake law and some groups vote for it then the group that wrote the law gets a point for each group they fooled!
Other "Strange Law" sites: (ADULT!)

This is my most popular and requested game!

Mike Wheeler
Newfoundland, Canada

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