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This idea is good for all levels of ESOL students. It can certainly be tweaked according to the class.

To practice writing descriptively, students can write PERSONAL ADS using adjectives and/or adverbs! The lesson could focus on either adjectives or adverbs according to the instructor's preference.

Materials and prep time needed would be to create fictitious personal ads that could be be found in any local newspaper. Or you could be BOLD in using actual ads in a newspaper.

First, I asked the students to explain the differences between adjectives and/or adverbs and how to use them. They automatically told me why they liked to use them. Then I had my students write about what they like or what others apprectiate about them as individuals using adjectives and/or adverbs. Examples include "I cook delicious dishes" or "I run swiftly in the morning."

Extracting only the adjectives and/or adverbs, the students can construct their own personal ads after reading the "fictitious" ads. Also, they can practice writing concisely to communicate their meaning. As a final procedure, have a student or you could type them as a page in the newspaper.

Tell me how it goes,
Jassica Chan
New York
[email protected]

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