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Smile! Write Poetry with Similes!

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An impromptu lesson that I love is one where students write poems with similes. After explaining similes and giving examples such as "He is as tall as a building" or "Her smile is as bright as the sun," the students were interested. I asked them to write their own similes.
Then I asked them to use an abstract opening such as "Anger is...." Modeling on the board, we named the communal poem "Anger." Then I omitted prepositions and other unnecessary words. The finished product is at the end of this submission.

As homework, I asked them to write their own poems using "Love is..," "Happiness is..," "Friendship is..," and etc. My students enjoyed using their vocabulary skills and to write their own poems. Another good idea is to either type the poems or have the students type them up and make a little booklet of their poetry.

Jassica Chan
New York


Blind as
a newborn baby
an erupting volcano

Mad, mad, mad as a

like a

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