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Babe for Beginners!

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This is a very simple suggestion, but it's a good one! I showed the movie "Babe" to a class of high beginners and it was very sucessful. The movie is very visual and the story line is very understandable. We watched the movie in 15 to 20 minute chunks each day. I first gave my students a simple gist question to answer for the first viewing, and then we we watched the segment again and answered 5 or 6 more in-depth questions. I focused only on the most important aspects of the story line and on facts that were communicated in two or three different ways through simple dialogue and action. My students were able to answer almost all of my questions correctly, they understood the story, and they throughly enjoyed the movie's humor! This movie is also a great way to introduce vocabulary items (such as animals or emotions, etc.).

Try it out!

Rashidah Goodwin
Washington, D.C.
[email protected]

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