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The most favourite game of my students

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Level: any
Language: prepositions of place, classroom objects
Other: you need a class where students can move freely.

When I was a child, we played this game with my siblings. I made no changes for using it with my students.
After you’ve studied prepositions of place or classroom objects you may play it. Your students will never forget this game.
Prepare several notes (messages) for each student (or they may work in pairs). The first message you give to them, the others they should find themselves, following the directions on the messages. The last message says where the prize is.

1. This is your first message. The second is under the cassette-recorder on the left.

2. The third message is behind the plant on the window.

3. The fourth message is in the green book on the table, page 15.

4. and so on and so forth.

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