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this is my fave activity to do with kids of all ages up to middle school(cause i always catch them with comics in class!)....first I ask the class to give me some name of some super heroes..batman, spider man, wonder women ect then I ask them, what can they do? what are thier powers?..the kids usually yell things like they can fly! they can climb walls!....then i ask them what can`t they do!? they cant die, they cant kill good people..(the kiddies usually start to tell you about their comic book heroes,which is a great way to get them talking!)....
then on the board we create our own super heroe, so i ask them to give it a name.I ask is it a male or female(or something else)?,what does it look like? how many heads ,eyes, feet ect.. this bits real fun, the kids have crazy imaginations. Then I ask them what our heroe can or cant do and so on.
finaly i chose one of the kids to draw the heroe on the board, which is hilarious cause they often look more like monsters!You can then ask them to make their own heroes....i find that the kids really enjoy activities like this because they are so into their comic books and they love drawing..hope it works for some one else!
[email protected], shnoo, jechon korea

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