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Pass the Story

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Teaching with all levels in Taiwan has induced this idea. It usually works better with intermediate to advanced levels. The class will all take out a piece of paper and pen. They will all write one sentence to begin a story. They all then pass their paper to the right or left, it doesn't matter and write the second sentence to the story. As this continues, the ideas of stories change with almost every pass of the papers. If you have 20 students, each student will write 20 sentences. The story ends when the student receives the paper that they started. For homework I make them rewrite the exact story, mistakes and all on an overhead transparency. Then the rewrite the story a second time trying to find any mistakes. Tell them to look for tense of verbs, idioms, anything. In the next class put the transparencies up one by one and correct them together on the screen. They see where common mistakes are made and it usually improves their writing skills quickly. Not to mention that the stories are usually very amusing.

Canada/Hualien, Taiwan

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