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Materials: White board and markers, one giant die, colored magnets/game pieces.
This is the easiest game to prep/play and one of the funnest my students have played so far. Just draw a board game on the white/chalk board: a simple, path-maze divided into squares and leading to a "winner's" area. In some squares draw a "frowny" face with a negative number beneath indicating a penalty of back spaces. In some others, draw a smiley face and a + # to indicate bonus spaces. Other options might include dangerous short-cut routes or long side-paths with monster pits but good chances to jump ahead, even spaces that allow for first answer try or last answer try, what have you: make it your and your students' creation. Different colored magnets work well as game pieces. Separate students into teams. Either state or write on the board (or do both) a sentence using the terms "somebody/one," "something," or "somewhere." Ex: "Yesterday, I saw someone eating an elephant." The students in each team must congregate, figure out the proper manner of asking the open question, and then "ALL" students on that team raise their hands when they feel they have the correct answer. This part is important as it reinforces English through peer teaching/learning. YOU choose one delegate from the team to answer. The team which answers correctly rolls the die to advance their piece. The statements YOU make can range in tense or difficulty as you see fit for your particular level and focus. "I see somebody." can change to "Bob thinks he saw somebody eat an elephant yesterday." Be sure to check your board game to be sure penalty or bonus spaces don't coincide with each other. It makes little sense to lose 5 spaces only to land on a space that awards 4. This is an easy lesson to prep and play, and you'll be amazed at the effort your students make working together to learn for themselves how to ask questions properly. Have fun.

Richard Kurtz
Carden American School
San Hsia, Taiwan

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