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Pictorial Pleasures OR A new way to evoke writing

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For all proverb/quotation lovers, I found a site which contains not
only a great variety of quotes, but some beautiful photographs as
well. I gave my
strong students some time to look through these photographs
and write a descriptive paragraph about any worked
beautifully and
evoked some amazing writing. Two even chose to write poems!

On another occasion, they had a look through the quotations, and were
to pick: something familiar, something funny, something they
agreed/disagreed with, something they didn't quite comprehend, etc.
handing in the assignment, each pupil read out some of his/her
favorites and
invited comments...It was a different sort of activity and worked
well. The
fact that this site was built by an 'amateur' impressed them and
brought it closer to home.

You'll find the site at


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