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I'm brand new to the teaching arena and starting from scratch without any training. This game was something easy that I came up with for fun and I hope you like it. I teach different age groups, but I have found that this game seems to work well with all of them. First you need to choose 5 categories. Ex. Cities/Countries/Names/Animals/Foods/Movies/Songs. You can also incorporate a grammar category Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives,etc etc. Have the students write these categories at the top of their paper and include a column for Score. Then choose two students. When the teacher says GO!, Student 1 will say the alphabet silently in their head. Student 2 will decide when to say STOP! The letter that Student 1 stops on will be the selected letter. The students then rush to see who can write a word for each category beginning with that letter. The first to fill all categories says STOP! and all pencils go down. You review their answers out loud, giving 100 points for each unique answer and 50 points for any repeated answers. I enjoy hearing some of the crazy words they think of when trying to be the only one with their answer,thusly earning the full 100 points.
Name:Kate Hopkins Email:[email protected] Location:Boca del Rio,Veracruz Mexico

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