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This is a fun way for students to be motivated to listen and have some fun and exercise. Read a short story or blurb, length depends of level. Tell students to listen carefully for facts because they will need to remember in order to have a fun competition afterwards.

After reading the story several times, write a T and F on the board and be sure they understand True and False. Students all stand up and form 2 lines (2 teams - have them make up names for their teams). Read back information from the story, some of it adjusted to be false. One student from each team runs to the board and touches the T or F. The first to touch the correct letter gets a point for their team.

Of course, I always ask them to correct the false statements. This can be used with very low levels using simple statements or a higher level group. Have fun with it!

Name: Amy Stinard
Email: [email protected]
Location: Bend, Oregon

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