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Hangman Game Variant

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I have designed a visual variant of hangman. The scenario is a deserted island with one big palm tree on it. Instead of the usual hangman structure, draw a person hanging from the coconut of a big palm tree that hangs over water. Draw a sharks fin in the sea below the person. Put a worried face on the person, and play the game. Draw about three notches on the palm tree, and add another coconut and two palm leaves. When a letter is guessed incorrectly, erase the base of the palm tree up to the first notch. Students love the graphic because it's ridiculous that the person can be still alive, hanging onto a tree in mid-air. Continue, erasing the leaves, then the first coconut, when the second coconut (that the person is hanging from) is gone the person is eaten by the shark. You can draw a 'v' with teeth inside to indicate he/she was eaten up. To increase the number of chances, just add more notches in the tree trunk.

Gavin Keir
[email protected]

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