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Use this situation to pracise the past conditional forms(should have/ought to have+past participle)to criticise a past event using the gift of hindsight.Set up an interview situation in which the teacher is being questioned by two of his/her students for a job with a bank etc.The teacher prepares him/herself before the interview by turning his/her jacket inside out,eating a banana,speaking on his/her mobile telephone,turning up with only one shoe on,wearing lipstick etc.etc-in short ,blunders which would put anyone off from giving him a job.During the interview he/she behaves in an inapppropriate manner for the interview,to wit,using untoward language(within limits of course),pretends to fall asleep,pulls faces at the interviewers.During all of this hilarity,the students make a note of what the teacher did wrong,and when the shrieks of laughter have died down they report back to the teacher and the rest of the class using the past conditional form in this way-
"You should've been wearing both shoes/you ought to have been awake during the interview/you should've turned off your mobile phone before the interview/he/she shouldn't've been wearing his/her jacket inside out" etc.etc.
This can then lead naturally to a post mortem of the disasterous interview via the third conditional form
"you would've got the job if you hadn't worn that awful lipstick/if you'd taken off your sunglasses you might've got the job."

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