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What are you doing?

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This is an activity I learned in a drama class. I have used it with children and adults alike. It is a lot of fun!

1)Two students begin in front of the class (or smaller groups)
2)Student A begins to pantomime an action (ie brusing teeth)
3) Student B says "What are you doing?"
4) Student A must answer with an action that looks nothing like what he is doing. ie "I am combing my hair."
5) Student B now begins to comb his hair.
6) Now the cycle repeats, Student A askes him "what are you doing?"

The class watches until one of the following mistakes is made:
--A student says an action that has already been done,
--A student says an action that looks like what he is doing,
--A student takes too long to think of an action,
--A student says the action that he is doing.

When the students in front of class make a mistake--either the one who made the mistake has to sit down and be replaced by another student--or both can be replaced.

This game is lots of fun--to watch and to play! It works well especially once they catch the hang of it and when they have a large enough vocabulary to be really creative!

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