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I teach huge classes of 30-45 outside Shanghai city and I always have a hard time finding games and excercises that will keep a majority of the class involved and/or interested. This game I came up with seems to work particularly well toward those aims.
Break the class into several groups and take turns calling each group to the front of the class. Line them up facing the rest of the students. The goal of the game is to get them to say a word that begins with the last letter of previous word - apple "e", eat "t", teacher "r", read "d" etc.
The game gets interesting when you impose a time limit on them by clapping 7 times in between each student's word. If, on the eighth clap, the next student fails to say an acceptable word, they are "out", and sit down. This goes on until you have only one standing at the end.
After each group has gone, take the winners from each group and have a playoff to see who is the class winner.
The students love this game and get in on the clapping (anything with group repitition works well with these kids!). For variations you can use the second letter in the previous word to begin the next word.
A simple game, but very effective - let me know what you think.

Alex Robbins
Songyin Town, Shanghai

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