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Making Monsters

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Here is a cheeky little game which I recently used to practice body parts and the garmmar point 'has'.

Give every student a piece of paper and a pen.

Tell the students to draw a head (or heads) eyes, nose mouth. Everything down to the neck. They must then fold their piece of paper over leaving two little neck lines and pass their papers to the preson on their right. Next tell the students to draw the torso, arms and hands of their person@or animal down to the stomach. They fold the paper once more leaving lines for the legs. The students pass the paper again. The next person draw the legs (any number is ok, doesn't have to be human) and folds down to the lines left for the feet. The next student then draws the feet. The paper is then folded over completely. Finally the monster is given a name.

Now its the fun part. The students open up the paper. You will have hilarious results and wild kids.

The students now have to make sentences abou their monsters. For Example, Isy teacher has five heads, three noses, long arms and legs like a horse!

note: It is imperative that the kids don't look at what other people have drawn otherwise it will spoil the big unravelling at the end.

Have fun! I certianly did

Isy (Oita Japan)

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