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The What?Where? Up and Down Jumble

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1. 5 small objects for each session and corresponding words on yellow 3X5 cards. 2. Preposition words printed on green 3X5 cards. 3. The names of locations or objects in the room on pink 3X5 cards.
The student draws a card from each pile, gets up and gives a physical and spoken example of the sentence. Ex. The PENCIL is UNDER the DESK. The teacher and class say the words along with the person giving the example. They love it when the teacher participates in his turn! Sometimes you will need to use the location word cards instead of the actual location such as: floor. You can't place an object under the floor, but you can use the word card in it's place.
I have used this game with my ESL students in public school and they love to stand up on a chair to lift the stapler "above" the chalkboard! It is a great ice-breaker!
Merrily Gamwell
Bartlesville, Ok

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